The Corporal Paintball Package Book and Pay In Full NOW

From: £16.00

The Key Points

  • You will be asked to pay the £16 for each guest so on the day its just turn up get playing
  • Guests must be told they are definitely going to need to buy more paintballs.
  • All Paintball Equipment i.e. goggles, balaclava etc is provided
  • inc 200 Paintballs for each player with paintball £8 per 100 on the day
  • Tea & Coffee is FREE
  • you will play a minimum of 5 games in a half day and up to 10 Games on a full day
  • Snacks & cans are available to purchase but we are cool if you bring your own

Top Tips

  • Bring an extra £16 – £30 for paintballs
  • Bring gloves you can rent ours but they cost £3
  • Wear old clothes
  • Trainers are OK but boots are better
  • Don’t forget to pack your sense of hummer

If you have a small group (under 14 players) we advise you contact us before booking to confirm we have paintball running on your requested date.


Product Description

Pay In Full Option, How Does It Work?

You have done the leg work, you know the date you want to play, you know how many are coming and they have given you all the money or you are a company paying for its staff and want this sorted in one transaction so on the day its just turn up and start PLAYING but because everyone wants a different package you have taken this basic option so on the day each player can sort themselves out with any extras they want.

Please note monies paid is none refundable.

About The Corporal Package

This is our Pay as Play package so if you have a large group all wanting different quantity’s of paintballs this may work for you and your group but be warned it is the most expensive way of booking a paintball event with us.

To secure your place you just pre purchase your 1st 200 paintballs at a cost of £16 on Paintballs for each guest so that they are ready to play the 1st couple of games and are then each guest is able to buy what ever additional paintballs they wish at there own pace at £8 per 100 or £35 per 500 balls.

The £16 Corporal Package includes;

  • 1 Player place.
  • All Paintball protective clothing required i.e Paintball Goggles, balaclava and camouflage coveralls.
  • All paintball equipment i.e. Semi Automatic Paintball Gun, Hopper (magazine) and a battle pack if required
  • Free Tea & Coffee.
  • 5 games in a half day and up to 10 Games on a full day**.

**The package includes up to 10 games. Those choosing half day options will not have time for 10 games and we also like to make clear that although we always try to put on 10 games for full day packages, this is not always possible


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