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The Paintball Jungle Village is a sight to behold. Built over undulating ground there are in excess of 40 village dwellings, with a large 4 room Village Hall in the centre. Either side of the village are two rival gang houses, they are larger than the village huts and can easily house up to 25 people.

The buildings are so dense that you can’t see from one side to the other or from one end to the other. Some of the huts have more than one way in and out, all have windows, some on all four sides.

To get a sneak preview try out the 360 degree view below…

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The Village Hall has multiple entrances and exits, windows on all sides and internal dividing walls. This means that you could quite easily be in there at the same time as opposing players.

This field is great for having an element of surprise, but remember, the element of surprise works for both teams.

Village Assault Game Objective

Each team will starts inside their Gang’s House. Situated on a platform to the front of your house is your gang’s stash of ill-gotten gains. You have just received a tip off that the village is going to be raided any minute…

You can’t afford to get caught in possession of the box and its contents, so have to get rid of it. You have been trying to get rid of the rival village gang for years so come up with the devious plan of planting your box in their house. Let’s be honest, it will be easy to get more stuff with the other gang out of the way.

Your objective is to get the box through the village and put it on the other gang’s table which is situated in front of the gang house.

There must be two of your gang in possession of the box at all times and they must carry the box together – no dragging it on your own (the only time you can drag it on your own is if you are the last gang member left on the field).

The only drawback to the plan is that the other gang got the same tip off and are trying to set you up in the same way, so you not only have to try and attack their gangs house but defend yours at the same time.

With 40 huts to cover and the village hall to negotiate, your gang’s resources will be stretched to the max! It’s time to sort the men from the boys.