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Bunker hill is the second largest playing zone on the site and is possibly one of the hardest to win. Over 2000 sand bags create a network of strategically placed bunkers across the diamond shaped field. Set across the middle of the field are a selection of wild horses (timber cut out for all you animal lovers!). Each team has a 2 floor pillar box constructed from 100s of sand bags.

The Bunker Game Objective

You are at the furthest point form each other in the top corners of the diamond shaped field, the bunkers in front of your are your only cover. They extend in a 2, 3, 5 and 7 formation; the line of 7 bunkers is the middle of the field it then decreases 5, 3 and 2. If you don’t gain ground fast the opposition will pin you into your start corner and then it’s all over before the game begins.

Your objective is to rescue the horses and get them into the enemy’s pillar box. The team with the most horses at the end of the game wins. One good thing about getting a horse is that it can act as a shield – if the horse gets hit you are still in the game.

Planning is everything until the games starts – then it’s all about winning.