Cadet 11*-16 yrs (Prov.)

From: £39.00

About Reserve NOW pay Later

  • You will not be asked to pay anything NOW you are just checking availability
  • If there is space we will reserving you your places.
  • If there is no space on your requested date we will offer you alternative dates.
  • We will email with all the info on what you need to do to confirm.
  • We will hold your reservation for a period of time to give you confirm guest numbers.
  • *11 year old can participate but they must have already left year 6 by the time they attend the event

The Key Points

  • All players will be 11* – 16 years old
  • All Paintball Equipment is provided & Body Armour.
  • 500 Paintball’s are included and they can not purchase any more.
  • 5 Games will be played during the 2hr session

If you have a small group (under 10 players) we advise you contact us before making a reservation to confirm we have paintball running on your requested date.


Product Description

The Cadet Package at £39 per person Includes

The Cadet Day is for 11*-16 yrs old only and run on the second Sunday of the month. As well as all the usual safety equipment and protective clothing, this package includes all kit required so goggles, coverall’s and body armour we recommend all guest are told to bring a pair of gloves but we do have armoured gloves for hire on the day if required.

500 paintball’s are issued throughout the event ensuring the cadets do not go crazy in game 1 and fire of all their ammo.

We do not allow cadets to purchase any additional paintball’s on the day so you know the full and exact price for the day before they begin playing. This also means that ALL players have the same, thereby delivering a fair and thoroughly enjoyable experience.

  • All Paintball Equipment.
  • Goggles coveralls &  Body Armour.
  • 500 Paintballs.
  • 5 Games.

*11 year old can participate but they must have already left year 6 by the time they attend the event

About Provisional Bookings

Making a provisional booking with The Jungle is a great way to reserve enough places for members of your group and to give you time to collect the monies required to confirm the provisional reservation.

On receipt of your provisional booking request we will secure you the relevant number of places and then email you with more information on the event and when the deposit will become due payment which is normally 14 days from the date you made the reservation unless it for an event in the next 2 weeks in which case the deposits may be required sooner.

You can then collect the monies from each guest safe in the knowledge that you have enough spaces held for all those that said they wanted to come but you also know that if come the payment date only 90% of the group have paid you, you will not be expected to pay for the 10% that have not paid you so you are not running the risk of being out of pocket. .

Once you have collected either the deposit or full amount you have the option to either call us and pay in debit or credit card (please note credit cards do attract a surcharge) or you can pay by Bank Transfer or PayPal with all the info you need being contained in the provisional confirmation we will have sent you.


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