The Castle Nottingham

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You should have all seen the movies, but even Robin Hood didn’t have it this tough! The Paintball Jungle castle is a five sided, three level construction. The ground floor is dangerous because of the doors and windows. The 1st floor is no easier because the only way to get a shot off is to come above the outer wall which exposes your head and shoulders to the marauding attackers. Set high in the tree line are the three crow’s nests with your (hopefully) best marksman in them, as they have the advantage of looking down on the attackers.

To get a sneak preview try out the 360 degree view below…

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No one said defending was easy, the only way out for the defending team is straight to the elimination zone. The paint is flying in from all five sides. The noise as the paintballs hit the outer walls is deafening! You can’t tell if it’s the screams from the attackers or your own team mates that keep piercing the air. There is nowhere to run, the phrase “shooting fish in a barrel” springs to mind. Then the realisation comes its: it’s them or me, better to go down fighting than to lose and survive to tell the tail of losing.

Storming Nottingham Castle Game Objective

This as they say is a game of two half’s, each team will get a chance to attack the castle as well as defend it, there is only one set of points up for grabs over both legs so it really counts to have a good first leg.