The Bridge Field Nottingham

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The Paintball Jungle bridge game has 4 crossing points, each different, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The pillar box is a solid, stilted enclosure with long open ramps for access – getting in is easy, getting out is another matter.

We’re not dissing our roots but after a couple of flag games you need more of a tactical challenge to keep you buzzing. The high bridge gives you a height advantage but also puts you in range of most of the opposition if they spot you.

To get a sneak preview try out the 360 degree view below…

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The low bridge gives you quick access to the other side but if the opposition have a man stationed in the right place you are running straight at him with nowhere to hide. Finally, the spider tunnels, allowing you safe passage all the way to the enemy’s side but a single door way out means you can’t see left or right until you exit and who knows what is lying in wait for you…

The Bridge Game Objective

Each team starts between their own set of goal posts and are in possession of 2 footballs displaying their team’s colours. The game objective being to take the footballs over one of the river crossings. They can be carried until they reach the other side of the crossing then they must be put on the floor and kicked the rest of the way.

Then once on the other side the team has to score a goal in the apposing teams goal. The opposing team can have a goalkeeper who is allowed to catch the ball when struck, however they cannot approach the oncoming player but can shoot him out.

Once a goal is scored the ball is out, once a save is made the ball is out, the winning team will be the team that scores 2 goals first.