Close Quarter Battlefield Nottingham

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The paintball’s link with the past. On the C.Q.B. you will find one of the 1st game objectives ever used in paintball in the UK. Its a shame to say that some paintball sites still only play this game format, the format in question is the good old-fashioned capture the flag game. We’re not dissing our roots but after a couple of flag games you need more of a tactical challenge to keep you buzzing.

To get a sneak preview try out the 360 degree view below…

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That said, our C.Q.B. field is one the largest fields on the site, you can’t see the opposition from your start point and they cant see you. The field has over 50 solid timber “V” shaped barricades giving you excellent cover from incoming fire, the draw back is that while your head is down, you can’t see what the enemy is doing. They say information is power so you’ve got to keep your head up, but that’s easier said than done when there’s a wall of paintballs flying at you!

The C.Q.B. Game Objective

Each team is in possession of it’s own team flag. Ends will be decided and the teams taken to their relevant starting point, your objective being to gain possession of the opposing team’s flag and get it back to your start base.