Kids Paintball Options

We know how keen kids are to come and play paintball and we totally understand why because its so much fun however we feel its important to offer paintball options geared to a guests age and ability and to give parents options to ensure there kids are not mixed in with adults unless that’s what they are happy to do.

At The Paintball Jungle in Sherwood Forest we have 3 different paintball options.

  1. Low Impact Paintball for 8 – 12 year olds at £29 per player
  2. CADET Paintball for large groups (20 +) players aged 11 – 16 years at £39 per player
  3. Traditional Paintball for players aged 11 years  plus (must have left year 6 at school) where prices vary so please check out the standard prices.

This page is all about Low Impact and CADET paintball so please scroll down the page to read all about these options to make sure you find the paintball event that best fits your requirements.

We also want to let you now that if your event is for a birthday or other celebration we have loads of covered seating your more than welcome to use free of charge should you want to bring along food and a cake for the guests for after the event. If this is your plan please let us know so we can let you know how much time the space will be available to you for.

If you have a group of experienced young paintballers (aged 11 years plus) or have a group of adults and kids then please take a look at the other paintball packages on this website for more information about the Traditional Paintball options we can offer you.

LOW IMPACT Paintball for 8 – 12 years at £29 per person


Key Points if you are in a rush

  • For players that are 8 – 12 years (older players allowed when joining there own younger group) .
  • Fixed cost £29 per person and includes inc 300 paintballs per person.
  • Guests CANNOT buy any more paintballs so NO big bill for Mum or Dad.
  • Paintballs issued across event so they cant shoot all their balls in game 1.
  • Coveralls, Goggles, body armour provided, all they need to bring is gloves.
  • 2-hr sessions inc 4 games are run on Saturdays.
  • Only 10 players required to run a sessions.
  • Private events available for groups of 20 or more players .
  • No WiFi, No Play-Stations just outdoor fun, They may come back dirty !

After many requests and successful field testing we are delighted to announce our launch of our Paintball for guests aged 8 – 12 yrs

This event is all the fun of regular Paintball but with lighter ‘Gotcha guns’ and smaller Paintballs which have a Lower Impact than standard paintballs greatly reducing how it feels when you get hit.

This now means younger kids can experience the fun and thrill of paintball at our amazing woodland venue is Sherwood Forest with less of a risk of bruises that sometimes accompany playing the regular game favored by Teenagers and Adults.

Priced simply at just £29 Per person including all clothing, equipment and 300 Paintballs the guests each will play not less than 4 games over around 2 hours sessions, with start times from 10 am – 2 pm during Summer, once we hit winter the latest start time we can offer is 1 pm to ensure sufficient daylight.

This event is specifically for younger guests but we will be allowing parents / guardians or an older sibling to play alongside the birthday guests but we guarantee to never mix a group of adults into a “Low Impact” sessions keeping this all about a fun family and friends paintball experience.

To find out more, or to book a ‘Low Impact’ Paintball activity with us today, contact our fun and friendly team of professionals. We promise to give you and your kids a day to remember.

This event requires a minimum of 10 players for a session to run so if you have less than 10 in your group, please give us a call on 01623 883980 so we can find other groups to pair you up with. If 10 or more you can contact us and tell us the date your after and you have 20 or more guest then we can run you’re a private Gotcha paintball sessions so call us to check availability.

CADET Paintball for 11* – 16 years old £39 per person


Key Points if you are in a rush

  • Minimum group size of 20 as this will be a private event
  • Min age is 11 year olds that have left school year 6 up to a maximum age of 16*.
  • Ideal for schools or sports teams as its a private event.
  • Fixed cost of just £39 per player which includes 500 paintballs per player.
  • Guests CANNOT buy any more paintballs so NO big bill at the end.
  • Paintballs issued across the event so players cant shoot all there balls in game 1
  • We provide Clothing, Goggles and Body Armour so all they need to bring are gloves
  • This event lasts 2 1/2 hrs and can run AM or PM
  • No WiFi, No PlayStation just outdoor fun, They may come back dirty !

Loads More Info If You Have The Time

If you are 11 -16 years* old or a parent and are looking to arrange a paintball event / party for a birthday, school trip or end of season event for your sports club / team, the Paintball Jungle Cadet Event is ideal.

The Paintball Jungle is very keen to promote a fair and level playing field for every level of paintballer which is why in our opinion the Cadet Paintball event is ideal for junior paintballers that are 11 -16 year olds*.

junior paintball (1)

junior paintball new2

Each junior will be kitted out in all safety equipment and protective clothing including body armour so they are fully protected along with state of the art paintball markers along with fully trained event staff and 150 acres of Sherwood Forest for them to run around in screaming and shouting as much as they like.

The event cost of £39 per player is fully inclusive so ideal if you need a party to stick to a budget. We provide everything they will need including 500 paintball all for the £39 entry fee.

As we know kids can often go trigger happy when playing paintball so we won’t be giving these budding Rambo’s all 500 paintball at the beginning of the event like some venues do often meaning after game 1 the kids have ran out of paintballs meaning your wallet or purse gets hit because you have to buy more ammo.

We will issue each player with paintballs at intervals across the event so the worst that can happen is that if they go mad in game 1 and shoot all there allotted paintballs they may have to sit out a game but trust us when we issue the next lot of paintballs they will have learnt a valuable lesson so it’s very rare they do it again.

We find this approach works for all groups as no one player has an advantage over another. They all have the same kit and number of paintballs regardless of how much pocket money they may get and we guarantee to never allow cadet paintballers to purchase any additional paintballs so it’s fair for all thereby delivering a fair & thoroughly enjoyable day.

junior paintball (2)

laser tag (5)

To be able to play in our cadet paintball event each member of the group must either have a completed parental consent form which can be downloaded by clicking HERE or have an adult with them on the day that can counter sign the form that the cadets will have to complete on arrival before they will be permitted to play.

It’s all about team work and the great outdoors, no Nintendos, PSP’s or X Box allowed!


Got kids aged 8 + but do not want paintball?

If you have up and coming warriors desperate to paintball but you are not sure your they are quite ready for the rough and tumble of paintball why not check out our Laser Tag event.

Played in the great outdoors Laser Tag offers the thrill and excitement of paintball without projectiles so ideal for those wanting to take the next step after Quasar but not quite ready for paintball or having already played paintball they enjoyed the thrill but not the bruises.

Need More Info?

We understand that you may have questions or need more information prior to making a booking with us. If so please call and speak to one of our human beings on 01623 883980.

Or, Click here to Enquire Now by email if you prefer.