Cadet 11-16 yrs*

From: £25.00

The Key Points

  • All players will be 11 – 16 years old*
  • All Paintball Equipment is provided.
  • Inc coveralls, goggles with full head shield and Body Armour.
  • 400 Paintballs are included and they cannot purchase any more.
  • Min 5 Games will be played during the session that run either Morning or afternoon lasting approx. 3 hrs
  • Open sessions on the 2nd Sunday of every month so smaller groups can come together
  • Larger groups of 14 players or more can book this event for any day subject to availability.

If you have a small group (under 14 players) we advise you contact us before booking to confirm we have paintball running on your requested date.


Product Description

The Cadet Package at £25 per person Includes

The Cadet Day is for 11-16 yr old’s (must have left year 6)* only and run on the second Sunday of the month. As well as all the usual safety equipment and protective clothing, this package also includes body armour.

400 paintballs are issued at intervals throughout the day ensuring the cadets do not go crazy in game 1 and fire off all their ammo.

We do not allow cadets to purchase any additional paintballs on the day so you know the full and exact price for the day before they begin playing.

This also means that ALL players have the same, thereby delivering a fair and thoroughly enjoyable experience.

  • All Paintball Equipment.
  • Coveralls, goggles with full head shield and Body Armour.
  • 400 Paintballs.
  • Min 5 Games.