The 1000 Ball Package at £59 pp Book and Pay In Full NOW

From: £59.00

The Key Points

  • For players aged 11* (must have left year 6) upwards
  • You will pay in full for each guest NOW
  • All Paintball Equipment i.e. goggles, suit etc is provided.
  • Each player will receive 1000 Paintball,s for just £59 so great value.
  • you will play a minimum of 8 Games on a full day
  • Snacks & cans are available to purchase but we are cool if you bring your own.

Top Tips

  • Bring gloves or you can rent ours at £3
  • Wear old clothes
  • Trainers are OK but boots are better
  • Don’t forget to pack your sense of hummer

If you have a small group (under 16 players) because paintball needs 2 teams of a minimum of 8 players on each team for the games to work please contact us confirm we already have paintball running on your requested date and if we do we will be able to add your group to the guest we already have.


Product Description

 About The 1000 Paintball Package

This is the full Monty package and is ideal for a full day of paintball. It can be booked for any age guest that is 11* (must have left year 6) years or older so ideal for family’s, youth groups sports teams but also works well for company dates out or a stag or hen do..

The £59 Package includes:

  • 1 Player place.
  • All Paintball protective clothing required i.e Paintball Goggles and camouflage coveralls.
  • All paintball equipment i.e. Semi Automatic Paintball Gun, Hopper (magazine) and an ammo belt.
  • 1000 paintballs for each player
  • Min 5 games in a half day and 8 – 10 Games in a full day.