Low Impact Paintball 8 yrs Plus

From: £25.00

The Key Points

  • For players aged 8 years or older
  • All Paintball Equipment is provided.
  • Inc coveralls, goggles and Body Armour.
  • 300 Paintballs are included and they cannot purchase any more.
  • Min 4 Games during the 2hr session that run 10 – 12, 12 – 2 and in summer 2 – 4
  • Min 10 required to run smaller groups can mix Larger groups of 16 players or more can book private events.

If you have a small group (under 10 players) we advise you contact us before booking to confirm we this event running on your requested date.


Product Description

Low Impact Paintball for 8 years + at £25 per person Includes

Key Points if you are in a rush

  • For players that are 8 years or older.
  • Fixed cost £25 per person and includes everything a player needs inc 300 paintball’s per person.
  • Guests CANNOT buy any more paintball’s so will not run up big bills for Mum or Dad.
  • Paintball’s are issued across the event so the juniors do not shoot all there paintball’s in game 1.
  • Safety kit provided as standard including Body Armour.
  • 2hr sessions are run at weekends and school holidays.
  • Only 10 players required for the event to run but smaller groups can be mixed
  • If you have a large group of 16 or more players Private events available.
  • No WiFi, No Play Stations just outdoor fun, sorry they may come back dirty !