In Section 7 r.A. “A credit company may grant loans to amounts and interest rates and reasonable remuneration that can be agreed between the credit company and the debtor: provided that the agreement complies with the provisions of R.A. No. 3765, also known as “truth in the Credit Act” and R.A. No. 7394 , also known as the Consumer Act of the Philippines; In addition, provided that the Monetary Council, in agreement with the SEC and industry, can impose interest rates that can be justified under prevailing economic and social conditions. Loan agreement: any bilateral agreement between you and a borrower of such an amount as agreed in accordance with these conditions. 28.2 Your consent to the changes to these conditions, which are not covered in paragraph 28.1, is indicated either by adoption on the platform or by the acceptance of a new credit commitment. 2.4 If we have published a document to which it is referred under these conditions (for example. B a declaration of principle), the content of the document is also part of this Agreement and is deemed accepted by you. In the event of contradictions or contradictions between these conditions and a document to which it is referred, the importance of the conditions is a priority. 10.18 You agree not to take action or to initiate proceedings against a borrower on your behalf (including and without restriction if a standard event has occurred). Unless we decide, at our sole discretion, to obtain contributions from the lenders involved, we will make all of those decisions.

This includes the right to modify loan contracts with the consent of the borrower and without consultation with you or other lenders. These changes could include reducing the principal of loans, reducing the interest rate on loans, extending the final repayment date, issuing waiver letters and unlocking guarantees or guarantees. We will also hire the security officer. 30.6 If a provision or partial provision of these conditions is or should become inoperative, illegal or unenforceable, it will be considered amended to the extent necessary for its validity, legality and applicability. If such an amendment is not possible, the corresponding provision or partial provision is deemed removed. Any modification or removal of a partial provision or provision under this clause does not affect the validity and applicability of the rest of this Contract 15.1 This Agreement begins from the date you register your account with