Wallace said funding for the waterfront project and a total of $350,000 to fund brown surface cleaning products for projects in McClung Camp and at sites approved last year are safe for sanitary wash and dry cleaners. The overall goal of Nashville and Davidson County is to implement and institutionalize a brown surface program to eliminate pollution from contaminated properties along the Cumberland River in downtown Nashville. The rehabilitation of the wastelands aims to revitalize the area economically and improve the quality of life in the neighbourhoods concerned. The pilot project will facilitate the identification and evaluation of priority sites, build partnerships with citizens and private owners, and help mobilize additional funding and support. “It is not clear at this time whether the Braunland program could eventually be scaled back as part of the federal budget,” Eric Ward, spokesman for TDEC, said on USA TODAY NETWORK-Tennessee issues. “TDEC worked with landowners to enter into voluntary fallow agreements that helped pave the way for the continuation of environmental assessment and rehabilitation of the contamination that prepared the sites for revitalization,” said Ward of TDEC. Communities throughout Tennessee have abandoned places that can be turned into productive reuse. Brownfield`s rehabilitation transforms devastated real estate into sustainable and productive reuse that: Use state resources, to take advantage of private investment to meet the combined needs of the Community and the market – Reducing urban sprawl by removing barriers to wasteland rehabilitation – Rejuvenating neighbourhoods and reducing poverty – Ensuring reuse of existing infrastructure – Increasing local tax bases and real estate values – Linking economic revitalization to vibrant Communities: Community Benefits of Land Revitalization www.epa.gov/brownfields/brownfields-building-vibrant-communities-community-benefits-land-revitalization Wallace, Knoxvilles, Deputy Director of the Office of Redevelopment, complains about what would have happened if there had been no brownfield subsidies. Other Nashville projects have benefited from brown surface dollars. Where are the wastelands in my community? Why is the rehabilitation of the wasteland important? Why is the EPO`s Brownfield program useful? What fallow areas are studied? How can I get funding for wasteland? What are the benefits of reusing websites? Government Partners Additional Resources Useful Documents Martineau is among those who would hate to reduce this funding for tanning.

“They (Braunfeld grants) represent the whole range of a win-win situation. On the environmental side, they help transform devastated goods … economically, they generate significant sources of income, increase the value of real estate and create jobs.¬†International City/County Management Association Brownfields Redevelopment: A Guidebook for Local Governments and Communities www.in.gov/ifa/brownfields/files/ICMA_2014_Brownfields_Redevelopment_Guide.pdf “Since the launch of the Braunland program, my state has received more than $12 million to support economic development and create jobs,” Martineau said as he represented the State National Environment Council before the Energy and Trade Commission. I understand that the current pardons have been funded,” she said.¬†Future reductions would only apply to future grants. These (future) sites may not be able to use brown country money.”¬†The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) Brownfields www.tn.gov/environment/program-areas/rem-remediation/rem-brownfields-redevelopment-overview.html Drycleaner Environmental Response Program www.tn.gov/environment/program-areas/rem-remediation/rem-drycleaning/rem-drycleaning-cleanup-of-contaminated-drycleaner-sites.html the EPA`s Brownfields program allows states, municipalities and other stakeholders to cooperate to prevent, assess, clean and reuse them safely.