AWS Elemental Appliances and Software Terms of Use – This agreement governs the purchase and use of elemental Technologies LLC 2.1-Partner-Material products. We can list your name, website and other general contact information on the site. You grant us and our affiliates a non-exclusive, global and free license for the use of trademarks, service marks, trade names, other proprietary logos or badges, URLs, domain names or other source or business identifiers that you provide to us (together “Your Brands”) as part of the program, including website, customer lists , business presentations, brochures, brochures, newsletters and other similar resources. You may choose (but are not required) to provide AWS or its affiliates with other texts, images, web content, audio, video or other content (excluding software) (“additional materials”) and you grant us and our related companies a non-exclusive, global and free license for the multiplication, publication, dissemination and translation of these additional documents related to the program. You ensure that you have all the rights necessary to grant AWS and its related companies the rights described in this section. AWS can make appropriate changes to your brands or additional materials. Between the parties, you own and retain all rights, titles and interests on and on your additional brands and materials. 2.2 Identify yourself as a member of the AWS partner network. You cannot make a press release or any other public statement about your participation in the program without our prior written consent. If you interact with the U.S.

federal government about our services, you must declare that you are participating in the program. If your participation in the program is qualified as described on the site (each qualified partner, a “logo partner”) is qualified, we can provide you with a small graphic image that identifies you as a participant in the program (the “AWS Partner Network” logo) that we can change from time to time. We grant logo partners a non-exclusive, global, toll-free, revocable license to display the latest version of the AWS Partner network logos on their website or in their own offline materials (for example. B in printed material, mailing or other documents) to identify their participation in the program. Any use of the AWS Partner network logo outside the scope of the above license is subject to our prior written authorization. Under no circumstances should you change the AWS Partner Network logo. You cannot transfer, assign or sublicensing your restricted permission to use the AWS Partner Network logo to other individuals or companies. If you use the AWS Partner Network logo, follow the branding policies published on the site, as these policies can be updated from time to time. We may revoke your license (if it exists) at any time to use an AWS Partner Network logo by notifying you in writing. We reserve all rights to the AWS Partner Network logo and related intellectual property rights and, unless expressly stated in this section, no rights will be transferred or granted to the AWS Partner Network logo or related intellectual property rights.