Home > We have > key texts > CAB Abstracts Cooperation Agreement is a bibliographical database of applied life sciences that focuses on international agricultural literature. It contains 8 million records, with coverage from 1973 to today that adds 360,000 abstracts per year. Topics include agriculture, the environment, veterinary science, applied economics, food science and food. The database covers international issues in agriculture, forestry and related disciplines in the life sciences. The articles are published from 120 countries in 50 languages, including English abstracts for most articles. Literary coverage includes magazines, procedures, books and a large collection of agricultural series. Other non-daily formats are also shown. [3] [5] The role of the international trade in animals, animal products and feed in spreading resistance to communicable antibiotics and possible methods of controlling the spread of resistance factors to infectious agents by J. Boisseau-B. Rastel (original translation in English and Russian). 9. The OIE undertakes to make available to the CABI, at agreed intervals, the updated content of the resources made available in accordance with Clauses 5 and 6.

CABI undertakes to re-publish this material in accordance with Clauses 5 and 6. Initially, agreed intervals are considered annual. The OIE and CABI can adjust the intervals by mutual agreement. Whenever the updated material is made available by the OIE in accordance with point 6 above, CABI undertakes to provide the OIE with 50 updated copies of the compendium in accordance with point 6 above. The OIE may acquire additional updated copies in accordance with item 7. 2.CAB International (CABI) is an international non-profit intergovernmental organization that provides information services on all aspects of agriculture around the world. The CABI full text repository is integrated into all CABI databases, including CAB and Global Health summaries. Both are online and print magazines. The cover includes 70,000 articles of full text by agreements with third parties. 80% of the content is reserved for CABI. [15] 12.

This agreement remains in force for the first time for three years from the date of signing. If one of the parties wishes to terminate it earlier, written notification must be made 6 months in advance. This agreement can be extended beyond 3 years by written notification. In the run-up to the current agreement, the OIE and CABI intend to cooperate in the sharing and dissemination of certain information resources on aquatic animal health, for the mutual benefit and benefit of their customers worldwide, in developed and developing countries. The OIE and CABI want this cooperation to take place on a mutually supportive basis of public service.